Karivollen Accommodation

Sales and delivery conditions

You and the hotel agree on the conditions for renting hotel rooms. The name of the company that runs the hotel is Vaslag Eiendom AS (hereinafter referred to as “the hotel”) and with which you enter into an agreement,

Proceedings from the booking confirmation Unless separate agreements have been made, the following rules shall apply. Separate rules apply to conferences and group reservations.

A booking is binding when you book a room via the booking system that the hotel uses as an online booking with advance payment of the booking. Confirmation is sent via the booking system both by email and via mobile. The mobile is the key to being able to gain access to the room. the booking system. When you make a reservation, you must state your name, mobile phone, address, e-mail address, arrival and departure date. It is important that you provide your email address and mobile phone so that you can receive confirmation of the reservation from us. To book a room at Karivollen Overnatting, you must be at least 18 years old. If you book a room for a minor, you are responsible regardless of whether you will be staying there with the minor or not.

Check-in is every day at 1200. Guests arrive when they want from 1200 on the day of arrival.

Check-out is every day at 1200

If you do not show up for your stay, you as a customer will be charged for the entire stay.

If cancellation occurs before 48 hours before arrival, which is a weekday set for open check-in at 1200, then 50% of the stay will be refunded. If a stay is canceled after 48 hours, you pay for the entire stay.

If you shorten the stay you have booked, this does not result in any refund on the booking.

If you want to extend your stay, you must notify the hotel the day before. That is, 24 hours before the booking / stay ends. That means no later than 1200 the day before departure. Check-out is every day at 1200. Check-in can be done from 1200 every day.

If the hotel cannot give you a room as agreed, you must, at no extra cost, be offered one

equivalent or better room in the hotel or in another hotel of similar standard. Specify your wishes when you book to be sure that the hotel is well enough prepared. Our hotels have non-smoking rooms. If a guest breaks the smoking ban, the hotel can make the guest responsible for subsequent costs. If you wish to bring a pet, please inform us of this when you book.

The booking is paid when it is ordered. Our hotel accepts the most common credit and debit cards. However, the hotel is not obliged to accept other credit cards or payment cards, cheques, vouchers or foreign currency unless this has been clarified with the hotel in advance. If the stay is to be invoiced, this must be agreed in advance with the hotel.

Always pay attention to the location of emergency exits, alarm buttons and fire extinguishing equipment. Check the information on the inside which is at reception and in the room.

For you as a guest at the hotel, it is not allowed to enjoy alcohol in the hotel’s common areas or outdoor areas.

Pets are unfortunately not allowed.