Our rooms

At Karivollen, you can choose between single rooms, double rooms or  family rooms. All our rooms are equipped with private bathrooms. Included are bed linens, towels, internet access and access to a fully equipped kitchen.


Karivollen Accommodation offers an affordable option for those traveling in Trondheim and the surrounding areas. We are a motel and an alternative to hostels, camping cabins, apartment hotels, or dormitories. Located in Melhus, amidst calm and rural surroundings, just 20 minutes from Trondheim city center. All our guests have full access to the internet via fiber from Telenor.


As our guest, you should easily find tranquility and have a stay that is conveniently arranged for you at Karivollen.


Karivollen Accommodation offers an excellent lodging option for groups/sports teams, as well as long-term rentals for commuters.