About Karivollen

Karivollen is a great option for groups and associations, commuters and others who seek affordable accommodation close to downtown Trondheim.

We also offer rooms for long-term rental for those who desire this option.

Karivollen is perfect for the following groups

Sports Teams/Associations

Karivollen is an ideal option for sports teams and associations. We can accommodate everyone without depleting the entire travel budget. Our location is perfect for those who want to stay active during their stay, and the distance to Trondheim is short. With beautiful trails right outside, there are plenty of opportunities for cycling, running or skiing. We also welcome many visitors who are participating in equestrian events in Trondheim and Trøndelag. Karivollen is happy to accommodate various special needs, whether it’s providing waxing facilities for skiers, bicycle service and maintenance and more.

Long-term rentals

At Karivollen, we aim to take extra good care of our commuting guests. Here, you don’t have to worry about missing meals; food is available around the clock. We provide our guests with the opportunity to store and prepare their own food and drinks. This way, you can arrange your meals yourself when you have the time. With our laundry facilities, you can also take care of your laundry during the week. If you’re driving heavy vehicles, you can park for free with us.

Sports Fishing

The Gaula River offers a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. Karivollen welcomes you or your group who want to try your luck fishing. We provide our kitchen for you to clean and prepare your catch. For those who want to take their catch home, we offer freezer storage. Karivollen collaborates with the Melhus Hunting and Fishing Association.

For those coming from afar, we have good public transportation options with trains and buses, and the motel is in close proximity to Trondheim. Karivollen Accommodation also assists in arranging transportation for those with other transport needs.